01 February 2011


Yesterday was starting out to be one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. There has been a lot of stuff going on with Casa de Cyber Hermit physically, spiritually and relationship-wise, and yesterday was just...one of those days. I tried to do some of my reading before I left for work but my brain was living up to its Indian name of "Mind Like Steel Sieve" and all I could pray was "God, I'm just so tired."

As I left the house, my husband texted me with "Good morning, my queen.  How may I serve you today?" which made me smile.  A good friend texted me out of the blue to get together for coffee after work.  And my husband brought home a small, surprise present (pictures in my Project 365 this week).  It was nothing big but it was something that took him out of his way and also showed he'd been listening and remembered.

So, nothing big or huge.  No burning bush.  No voice from on high or anything like that.  Just a few little things to remind me that I'm not alone in all of this and that God is just as involved today as he will be tomorrow.


  1. Awww... That's awesome that you had those pick me ups just when you needed them. I hope things were brighter from there.