29 October 2011

Project 365: Hello...

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Since Sara challenged me to try and get back into P365, I managed to take two pictures this week (the rest of the pics would have been of me staring at reams of journal articles as I try to write my literature review.  There may be one or two of those in the future but an entire week's worth would be really boring unless I could make one of those flip books out of them...and I suck at animation).  Anyway, we have...


For some reason, Munchkin had an inability to keep her tongue in her mouth.  It was like she was walking around giving everyone the raspberry all night.


You'd think he was reading his Kindle, wouldn't you?  Um, no.  This is the Spousal Unit post-inaugural colonoscopy as we wait for the doctor to tell us the results.  They gave him the good drugs so he was actually sleeping at this point.  I didn't have the heart to wake him up...but I can apparently take his picture with no problem :).

23 October 2011

An Anal Retentive Moment brought to you by TCH

Holy crap, has it really been almost a month since I've written anything here?  *checks date*  Ooops.  Guess so.

Sara - aka Mama 365 for purposes of this entry - has handed me down a challenge to get my ample posterior back on P365 (although I believe she mentioned wanting to see the cats versus, you know, me :P) so I'm going to try to take pictures this week and get them uploaded in time for next week's showing.  Kim *waves to Kim* also e-mailed me so I'll work on it.

I've turned in my annotated bibliography even though it's not due until the 31st.  I've finished it, I'm hoping to get some early feedback on it, and, frankly, I'm tired of looking at it!  I've started on my overall literature review/thesis beginning today while sitting in Starbucks and having my iPod plugged firmly in my ears. 

*bangs head against wall*   Dear Buddha riding a pony down Main Street while juggling, this sucks!  I've been writing both for school and for enjoyment purposes for years but this whole review/thesis thing...oy vey.  I mean, I know I'm anal retentive (see post title) and have my own perfection issues but I'm used to being able to write something close to a final version when I sit down and start typing.  This, though, has got to be one of the draftiest drafts I've ever written - and I'm not even done with it yet.  The thought of revisions to this fills me with about the same excitement as your average root canal, too (excluding the fact that the one root canal I've had was actually one of my best dental experiences ever.  I'm sure that was an aberration).

Other than that, however, class is going okay.  Our group finished its first project and, as a bonus, quickly located the deadwood within the group.  I can understand a little getting into the swing of things, y'know?  But when you are approximately my age (the answer to everything according to Douglas Adams) and I explain not only the assignment but what your part in it is and hand you web sites to help you find what you need, I should not have to come after you (a) three times for usable material for inclusion, nor (a1) should that information you've given me three times be completely unusable and wrong to boot - and I'm not even going to go into the potential plagiarism issues to which said deadwood almost exposed the rest of us.  Seriously, when I went back to the well for the third and final time (and re-re-explained the project all over again), her response was "Well, there isn't one web page that tells me all that".  So, unfortunately, we had to try and make up for Deadwood and that meant she got to ride through on our grade.  Another "grrrr" inducing moment brought to you by higher education :P.

And yes, I am practicing my thesis avoidance tendencies by typing this.  Why do you ask? :)