23 July 2012

Project 365 - Week 29

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I haven't done this for a long time and do not have a whole week's worth of pictures.  But I do have a few so here they are:

The Cat

Ladies and gentlemen, the cat is back in all her glory :).  This is her favorite position.  She likes to lay in the middle of the floor so, no matter what, the Spousal Unit and I have to step over or around her.

The Other Cat

The Spousal Unit and Curious Grace here have had a long running Cold War since Gracie peed all over the SU's laptop bag just before we went to Alaska last summer.  He hasn't allowed either cat on his lap anymore, does not pet them and just plain ignores them.

However, Friday night appeared to reach a level of detente previously unknown in the Hermit household.  Rather than jamming her way onto his chest and being obnoxious, Gracie leaped up and then very tentatively began to lay down on his arm and shoulder, sneaking quick glances and then butting her head on him.  She lay all the way down and then proceeded to look at the SU with total adoration.  The SU's look in response can best be described as "Okay, you're not being too obnoxious.  Perhaps we will allow this for a few minutes."

A New Experience

On Friday I had an appointment for a boudoir photography session with a photographer who advertises she photographs older and/or bigger women.  Long story short, best thing for my self-esteem and dealing with the changes in my body after my injury and other issues in a long, long time.  We spent six hours with various outfits, poses and just having a really good time.  I sent a few "raw" (as in not Photoshopped) pics to the SU as a teaser and got a very gratifying response :).  We go on Wednesday to see the full gamut of pics.