24 November 2012

Project 365 - Week 47

Have a few pictures from this week:

Not sure if this was a personal commentary re: her owner or just a candid shot...

This was a personal commentary.  Whenever I sit down in my chair, one or both of the cats jump up with this look in their eye that says, "Make the lap!".  When I don't (because my lap is full of knitting, for example), they get bent out of shape.

Not the Tax Time Pig but I saw it when walking to Burge's with one of my knitting friends on a break so I thought I would take a pic.

17 November 2012

Project 365: Week 46

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Well, it's been about three weeks since I last managed to post any pictures.  Had a lot going on schoolwise, healthwise, jobwise, marriagewise...actually it's been so "wise" around here that I'd really like to crawl under a rock!  More on that in another post should my brain decide it wants to come back online...

Here are some pictures:

On the good side, the diet has continued to work.  I hit 40 pounds gone this week (20 more to go).  In the interest of trying new things, this is tonight's vegetable of choice:

I am attempting to roast (and eat!) Brussels sprouts.  I have never had them before and seriously Googled "how do Brussels sprouts taste?".  Who knows?  Roasted Brussels sprouts could be my new best friend or they may be a disaster.  Tune in and find out!

Something that I know *has* to taste worse than Brussels sprouts ever could:

Yuck!  How may years has this stuff been around?  And why has no one ever thought to make it taste any better??  I have something trying to gain a foothold and I can't afford to miss work or class so I have been downing this stuff along with a steroid shot from my doc and a Z-pak.  All hail medicinal chemistry!!

Finally, I have new (smaller size!) sleep pants.  The SU bought them.  Think he was trying to make a commentary?

Update:  Roasted Brussels sprouts are...actually pretty good!