26 January 2012

Yay! It's Done!

I finished the scarf yesterday on my lunch (with some help from the ladies at the yarn shop with binding and making fringe) and gave it to the Spousal Unit last night.  I definitely surprised him :).  I gave him the scarf and he ooh'd and aaah'd over it, then I told him there was something particular about this scarf - that I'd made it.  His eyes got big and he didn't say anything for a moment.  First words out of his mouth:  "Best. Gift. Ever."

He kept telling me the rest of the night how much he loved it and how he never knew that I even had an inkling of how to knit (which when I explained that I'd just started learning last month).  He wore it work today and then texted me about how warm and snuggly it was :).

Heh.  I feel all fuzzy and warm.

(Second project was also started yesterday...with circular needles.  We'll see how *this* goes!)

21 January 2012

Project 365 - Week 3

This is my only P365 picture this week (and it's still in progress).  It is the first thing I have ever knit in my life.  Earlier this winter, I offered to lend my husband one of my scarfs on a pretty cold day and he refused it on account of one of the blues in it was not "manly" enough.  From that, somewhere in the depths of my brain, came the idea that I would *make* him a scarf.

I first tried to teach myself using yarn, needles and an instruction book from Walmart.  We will never speak of that again.  I then went to a yarn shop in the Heights and, for the price of the yarn, they sat down and helped me learn how to do the knit stitch.  I have been back several times since to get stuff ripped out and start again.  At this point, the scarf is almost done!  It's nearly five feet long and I should be able to add some fringe on with the shop's help and call it good.  Look forward to surprising the Spousal Unit with it :).

01 January 2012

Project 365: Week 52

Well, I missed several weeks what with school and work and such so I thought I would put some of the photos I took but didn't post along with some photos from this last week as a kind of end-of-year montage thing :).

Two new occupants of my office.  I'm an...eclectic decorator :):

Some more pictures of the cat most often available.  The first one is her intently watching the woodpecker pecking away at the side of our apartment.  The second is her sleeping quite, um, soundly.

In the middle of making homemade green sauce for my enchiladas suizas:

Oh, you thought these were *your* chairs?

Once again, doing what she does best:

I am attempting to teach myself to knit with the help of some ladies in a yarn shop.  I don't know why I decided to start trying this now but...hey.  I am trying to secretly make a scarf for my husband as my first project - the wool itself is an alpaca.  I ended up having to rip out several rows because me and eye-hand coordination are still working on coming to a meeting of the minds but I've gotten farther than it shows in this pic (like I told the ladies at the yarn shop:  I can throw one heck of a left hook but knitting?  Confounds me.)