26 January 2012

Yay! It's Done!

I finished the scarf yesterday on my lunch (with some help from the ladies at the yarn shop with binding and making fringe) and gave it to the Spousal Unit last night.  I definitely surprised him :).  I gave him the scarf and he ooh'd and aaah'd over it, then I told him there was something particular about this scarf - that I'd made it.  His eyes got big and he didn't say anything for a moment.  First words out of his mouth:  "Best. Gift. Ever."

He kept telling me the rest of the night how much he loved it and how he never knew that I even had an inkling of how to knit (which when I explained that I'd just started learning last month).  He wore it work today and then texted me about how warm and snuggly it was :).

Heh.  I feel all fuzzy and warm.

(Second project was also started yesterday...with circular needles.  We'll see how *this* goes!)

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  1. Oh that's great! It looks fabulous & isn't it nice that he appreciated all the effort?