01 January 2012

Project 365: Week 52

Well, I missed several weeks what with school and work and such so I thought I would put some of the photos I took but didn't post along with some photos from this last week as a kind of end-of-year montage thing :).

Two new occupants of my office.  I'm an...eclectic decorator :):

Some more pictures of the cat most often available.  The first one is her intently watching the woodpecker pecking away at the side of our apartment.  The second is her sleeping quite, um, soundly.

In the middle of making homemade green sauce for my enchiladas suizas:

Oh, you thought these were *your* chairs?

Once again, doing what she does best:

I am attempting to teach myself to knit with the help of some ladies in a yarn shop.  I don't know why I decided to start trying this now but...hey.  I am trying to secretly make a scarf for my husband as my first project - the wool itself is an alpaca.  I ended up having to rip out several rows because me and eye-hand coordination are still working on coming to a meeting of the minds but I've gotten farther than it shows in this pic (like I told the ladies at the yarn shop:  I can throw one heck of a left hook but knitting?  Confounds me.)


  1. Knitting confounds me too. I took a class years ago and made a few sets of baby booties but it took me a SWEET FOREVER to get a pair done. A ridiculously long time. I know it's not possible but there were times when it felt like I pulled out more stitches than I knitted. UGH. But I salute your perseverance to the task! Look forward to seeing your creations -- potential P365-worthy shots?

    It's hard being a cat. It takes a lot of energy to maintain that kind of attitude, you know. Poor kitties, no wonder they're exhausted.


  2. LOL at Kim - yes, those poor cats :)

    Love your office decor - I think you might be related to Dr. M.

  3. I've been waiting to learn how to knit, but I just got a sewing machine, so sewing is now the priority. knitting will come though.someday.

  4. Love the photos. I would love to learn how to knit...but have two left hands. Loved all the kitty pics. Cats make me smile.

  5. Kim has no idea how true that statement is of your cats! ha!!!

    I still need to see you knitting for myself....the mental image is still not quite there! :)

    Happy New Year, friend!!!