29 October 2011

Project 365: Hello...

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Since Sara challenged me to try and get back into P365, I managed to take two pictures this week (the rest of the pics would have been of me staring at reams of journal articles as I try to write my literature review.  There may be one or two of those in the future but an entire week's worth would be really boring unless I could make one of those flip books out of them...and I suck at animation).  Anyway, we have...


For some reason, Munchkin had an inability to keep her tongue in her mouth.  It was like she was walking around giving everyone the raspberry all night.


You'd think he was reading his Kindle, wouldn't you?  Um, no.  This is the Spousal Unit post-inaugural colonoscopy as we wait for the doctor to tell us the results.  They gave him the good drugs so he was actually sleeping at this point.  I didn't have the heart to wake him up...but I can apparently take his picture with no problem :).


  1. so happy to see this post in my reader!!!

    I am still laughing at Munchkin's antics at life group the other night!!

    ohhhhh, Mike is going to hate you for that!!! :) Remind me not to let you go with me for mine!!!

  2. my hubs had a colonoscopy of Friday, too!
    congrats, hoping all went well...

  3. Cats have such personalities!

    Poor spousal unit! Waiting is no fun, especially for things like that :(

  4. Hope all went well....Frank had one last month....loved the sleeping shot. Priceless!

  5. Hey...two is better than none...although your husband might disagree. :)

  6. YEAH!!! Glad you are back. Loved both pics! The cat one is my favorite. Have a great week.

  7. I love these pics - especially sleeping hubby. Mike won't take pictures of me asleep - so I've developed a rich fantasy life in which I look like Shrek when I'm sleeping :)

  8. glad you're back-ish. :-)
    booooo to colonoscopys. I 'get' to have one very two years. ugh.

  9. LOL, seems I'm not the only one with a short post for the 365 this week. I'm glad you're still taking part in it! Keep it up.

  10. hahahaha!! funny. even without the reams of journal articles. ;)