05 February 2011

Project 365: Week Six (January 30 - February 5, 2011)

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This is my promo picture from when I was fighting.  I know it wasn't a picture I specifically took today but it felt appropriate for what's been going on in my life physically and spiritually as a reminder to keep fighting and not to give up.  The tattoo is in Thai and reads "strong/fighter" and "divine grace."


Earlier in the month, y'all were introduced to my replacement iPod.  I initially named him Frank but it just didn't seem to fit.  His permanent name has now suggested itself so I would like to (re)introduce you to Vlad which stands for Very Little Audio Device.  Long may he reign :).


This is the unexpected present my husband brought home to me.  It's a dough cutter/bench scraper.  It was especially nice because it came at the end of what had started out to be not such a great day and his gift was really lovely; what was needed without him even knowing it.

If you're asking why not real flowers, well, besides the cost, it's the fact the cats eat 'em.  We can't leave anything plant-like, leafy, green or flowery unattended or it will be chewed, gnawed, snacked, nibbled, licked, tasted or any other assortment of eating verbs - all of which leads to one or both of us throwing something at one or both cats and yelling, "Hey!  Not for you, D'Amato!"

(And I've now realized what a complete NERD I am.  So far in P365, I have managed to quote or reference Firefly, X-Files, Fringe, Princess Bride and now Star Trek.  Oy vey...).


Making flour tortillas for chicken chimichangas (recipe for both on blog).


I am the cat's footstool.


Driving home during the rumored Snowmageddon.


Dried ancho chiles.  These are the start to the sauce for spicy short rib tacos.


  1. No snow here... but... since I slept the majority of the week, I probably wouldn't have noticed if it did!
    You kitty is soooo cute! :-D

  2. so how was the finished chimichanga?!! Hmmmmm, we really need to have a cooking night together!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! I'm going to have to check out that recipe! :) Thanks! Have a great week!

  4. I love chimichangas - I always try them at a new Mexican restaurant. It's my measure of whether it's a good restaurant or not :)

    I knew I liked you for a reason - I love most of those shows. We were so sad when Firefly was canceled.

  5. Can I tell you how many times I have watched my Firefly DVDs? And that I own Serenity...and the special version thereof?

  6. Our cats destroy anything green in our house also!

    Hope this coming week is better!


  7. Were the chimichangas good? The chile pictures were awesome.

  8. chimis...the best...love spanish food. verde sauce and nachos, yum

  9. Our cats chew on everything too! I thought only dogs did that.

    I like how you came up with a name for your ipod. That's great!

  10. mmmm...YUM...I love chimis...lov'em like no other! What a sweet hubby for the mid week surprise and we are not for real flowers either, too expensive and they die!

  11. Love your kitty cat...I have two of them. I like you motto...keep fighting, don't give up.

  12. LOVE the snowmageddeon, very true, however I wouldn't know 'cause I live in CA so no snow for us. What a nice gift from hubby, and sometimes they just know when a little something is needed. What a great gift too!! Yep...not a fan of flowers they are beautiful, but die to quickly, give me kitchen gadgets any day!!

  13. The hubs got me a dough scraper/kitchen thingie for Christmas. I absolutely love mine, I use it all the time!


  14. a) awesome first picture!!
    b) i love that you named your ipod. and vlad is so appropriate!
    c) you are NOT a nerd!!
    d)i am now hungy for chimichangas.

  15. A vegeflowerian cat! Never heard of such a thing!

    Like your meaningful tattoo!