26 February 2011

Project 365 - Week 9 (February 20-26, 2011)

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I tried making bread again.  Swedish rye this time.


This is Munchkin under our bed where she is NOT supposed to be.  The bedroom tends to be the warmest place in the apartment so I will often leave the door open while I do my hair and makeup.  Normally, she is very good about staying out but lately she has been skulking in and diving under the bed before I can grab her.  Today, I decided to go with the flow and grab some pictures.

Papa-Papa-Paparazzi!!  In order to get her out of the bedroom after this picture was taken, I got her to do something embarrassingly Pavlovian for a feline:  I grabbed a bag of Nana's kitty treats and shook them.  The cat shot out of there faster than a greased pig :).


This is the Spousal Unit playing Farmscape.  Avoidance tendencies.  I has them.  I pass them on :).


Yay!  New episodes!


Really?  What's the point?


The Spousal Unit is away at the men's retreat this weekend.  Anyone wanna guess what I'm doing?


...and a semblance of order is restored.  Please ignore the freaking footprints on the coffee table.  I'd just cleaned that before leaving to return the vacuum I'd borrowed and apparently the furry feline creature to the right felt it was her task, nay her duty to mark it up again.


  1. Silly cat :) Now that you're done, do you wanna come do mine?

    I agree - sugar free peeps make NO sense!

  2. I clean when my hubby is gone too. :) It's so distracting!
    Great week and beautiful cat!

  3. OK, I just can't believe that sugar free Peeps exist! Aren't they 100% sugar whipped up & covered in brightly colored sugar?

    Have a great week,

  4. You clean when he's gone?! You are a better woman than I am -- I didn't do a lick of cleaning other than what was absolutely necessary the week mine was out of town -- I spent the whole week MAKING a mess -- sewing to my heart's content :)

    Pets just wanna push our buttons; and I think cats are the worst because they find it vastly amusing when we lose it and throw a human hissy fit. LOL

    Sugar free peeps is all kinds of wrong. Just wrong!

  5. I love to clean when every one is gone, too. That bread looks SO good! I think I'll make some today.

  6. Okay I think this sugar free thing is going a bit to far... Sugar Free Peeps??? Yuck.

    Your bread always looks soooo yummy, wish I lived closer, I would be visiting on bread day!!!

  7. man that bread looks GREAT!! I am not a great baker so I am impressed.

    I really don't like peeps, but that seem ridiculous!!!

  8. That bread looked amazing, I hope it tasted as good as it looked.

    I agree, you are a better woman than me, when my hubs is out of town the last thing I do is clean.


  9. hahaha, you can't see the prints if you don't enlarge the pic...
    i don't clean either when hubs is away
    i can just smell that bread

  10. Cats love treats and I often motivate mine the same way. :)

    Good job on the cleaning, but I would have had fun and not worked. I tend to uh, how do you put it, have avoidance tendancies when it comes to cleaning.

  11. aaaahhhhhh, nothing like a nice clean house. and sugar free peeps? what on earth are they made out of if not sugar??

  12. that bread looks yummy! my hubby was away this weekend too (at a football coaches convention) but no cleaning was done at my house! lol

  13. Loved the cat pictures and sugar free peeps...come on!

  14. I've never baked bread & need to try it someday! My pup LIVES under our bed! Have a great week!

  15. Sugar Free Peeps...yeah not such a grand idea. I used a lot of those items this week too, my nemisis is cleaning my house and letting my dog back in to shed all over the place...ha ha.