11 February 2011

Reading recs, anyone? Bueller?

I read, like, a lot and none of my favorite authors are coming out with new books until the April-June timeline or later (curse you, UK authors!  *shakes fist*).  So I'm hoping somebody might have some ideas for authors they might like to share.  I have a Kindle so they don't necessarily have to be hard copy only books.  I read mostly fantasy, sci-fi and mystery (Brit and historical) with some nonfiction (Tudor history, Vietnam) and social science thrown in.  I also read some Christian non-fiction but tend to steer clear of Christian fiction as what I've tested is stuff I've found to not be very well-written and kinda formulaic - but I am willing to have my mind changed.

The one book I probably give away time and time again is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  That book is MADE of awesome.

Some of the authors I have read are:

Fantasy - Robin Hobb, George R. R. Martin, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Stephen Deas, Alex Bledsoe, M.K. Hobson, Chris Wooding, Libba Bray
Science Fiction - Mary Doria Russell
Mystery - Elizabeth George, C.J. Sansom, Mark Billingham, G.J. Moffat, Stephen Booth
Christian non-fiction - Philip Yancey, Beth Moore, Brennan Manning 
Non-fiction - Antonia Fraser, Alison Weir
Fiction - Mary Doria Russell, Alison Weir

I am probably going to go home, look at my shelves and think "Oh yeah, how could I forget so-and-so!" but this is probably a representative sampling so, please, help a bookworm out?


  1. OK, I read the Twilight series, I admit. My SIL practically shoved the books in my face. I didn't particularly enjoy them since I'm not a self-obsessed teenager anymore. BUT, I read a different book by Stephenie Meyer that I really liked - The Host. It's more Sci Fi and has no vampires in it. I listened to the audio version & I enjoyed it a lot. I don't really know why.

  2. I'm usually about 20 books behind you, but have you read the Dresden Files? The two new Connie Willis ones (about to buy them with my new Amazon GC, preorder Dresden #13 and the Rothsfuss one that is FINALLY coming out), um... ok switching gears to Christian non-fic have you read any N T Wright?

  3. I read the first Dresden and wasn't too excited about it - seemed very typical urban fantasy. Do they get better as they go along? I've noticed there are, er, quite a few books now :).

    I think I'm going to wait for the next CW to come out in trade pb at least (isn't it "All Clear"?) but I've got it on my watch list.

    IIRC, I gave Rothfuss to you :). I just couldn't get into him. Too much tell for me and not enough show - but you're on the right track! Epic doorstoppers are of the good :).

    Have not read any NT Wright. Title suggestions?

  4. I got really into Dresden about book 4. Now have both CW on the Kindle (Blackout, and All Clear), but made the mistake of starting Shadowmarch, so now it will be awhile *g*

    N T Wright: have read Simply Christian, and After You Believe, and now am reading The Challenge of Jesus. Also, heard him speak last year, and was he very Britishly dry and amusing.

    The BEST thing about the Kindle? Fantasy without the doorstopping!