29 January 2011

Project 365 - Week Five (January 23-29, 2011)

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Let me 'splain.  No.  Is too long.  Let me sum up:  I mentioned the Circus Animal cookies to my mom as a fond childhood memory for both me and the Spousal Unit.  She said she would send us some since they are not made or sold here in our little corner of the South.  What she didn't mention was the nine bags of cat treats that would be coming along for the ride.  Makes you wonder where we all rate, don't it? :)

Today's Project 365 picture(s) brought to you by what happens when your apartment complex signs an exclusive deal with the cable company you are NOT using. 

Looking at the diagram, does anyone remember back when there was one dial that you had to actually get up and turn?  And there was, like, maybe five channels?  I remember practically BEGGING my dad to put an aerial on the roof so we could get NBC and I could watch the Krofft Supershow on Saturday mornings (and I've now totally dated myself, haven't I?


In the midst of the first rise of making pizza dough tonight.


Some of the bribes...er, treats on hand I keep for the students and faculty who stop by my office.


The steps leading to and from my apartment.  In this case, this is the view after climbing them which is doubly challenging lately since my workouts this week seem to be focusing largely on quads and hamstrings.  Ow.  Elliot.


One of my other few "appointment TV" shows...

Smart, well-written and engaging.  What X-Files might have been if Chris Carter hadn't lost the plot...

Come and join me, Walter, Peter and Olivia on Friday nights...

Just, um, don't eat dinner during it...


Today's hike was here:

No, seriously...

It only could have been more perfect if Mal and Zoe had shown up.  (Internet cookies to anyone who gets that reference...*g*)


  1. Excellent week! LOL at the cat treats - that's too funny. We lived for 12 years in a 3rd floor apartment - so I feel ya on the quads & glutes :)

  2. The Big Dam Bridge...our kids "free cuss". ha!

    I have only watched Fringe once and I couldn't get into it. I may have to try again.

  3. You totally got me on the bridge! I don't watch much T.V., but eat lots of Chocolate:)Looking forward to following you on Sara's P365!

  4. ok, you cracked me up this week. yes, I get the dam bridge, and thats our " free cuss"' too as Sara so eloquently put it. but I'm loving that you quoted princess bride to start your post. I think I should get Internet cookies for picking up on that one. just saying....
    and fringe is one of my favorite shows. top 3 easy, but I kind of have a crush on Peter, so I'm sure that has something to do with it.

  5. Love the bridge!
    That is an abundance of cat treats.
    Have a super week!!

  6. That bridge totally clever. i thought it's just a scripted words in the photo.


  7. I think the cat wins in your mamma's eyes.

    I so don't miss going up and down the stairs to get to my apartment and do not envy you there.

  8. pizza dough rising...sounds like something i need to make this week. :) i love when dough rises. looks like your kitties are taken care of for a while too! hehe.

  9. Great pictures. I loved the bridge the most....well....and the animal crackers......and I too keep a bowl of little hugs and kisses to bribe/reward students and fellow faculty. LOL...it is funny how well one of those little pieces of chocolate works.

  10. Love the animal crackers & the cat treats. My mom would totally do something like this.


  11. No internet cookies for me :( I am culturally illiterate I think.

    Made two batches of pizza dough this weekend. First one didn't turn out so hot, but we ate it anyway :)

    It would be nice to have only one remote that took care of all the electronics, wouldn't it?

    Have a great week!

  12. I went back and read about the coffee shop, your obedience with confusing results. I was reminded of something a friend quotes all the time: "If you can't see His hand, trust His heart!"
    Also think about your health struggles...
    So much we don't understand. Some day...
    Blessings as you wait on Him.

  13. I have some...er...treats...for my students too. Totally works, what one jolly rancher will do. I love Circus Animals too, but I would need to run those stairs a million times because I can't stop at just a few...sigh.

    Great week!!