27 January 2011

Bullet Point Day

I've been seeing people doing "Wordless Wednesday" or "Thankful Thursday" but I find I just can't be that alliterative so I'm having Bullet Point Day today!

  • There is a notion floating around at work to make me full-time.  My boss has brought it up before a few times and I told her I'd be amenable to discussing the option if it came about and today I was apparently on the meeting agenda.  It's not set in stone if it's going to happen but it's out there and I'm trying to determine how I feel about it.  I have worked full-time for decades; heck, before I was sixteen.  And it's not like we couldn't use the money from when God had us open a coffee shop.  But this is the first time I have ever worked part-time and I've really enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of such a schedule.  I know I'm putting the cart before the horse in a way; still, it's something to think about as a potential change to the CH/SU household.
  • My cat is snoring.  Loudly.  It must have been an awesome game of cup hockey.
  • I hate my insurance company.  In medical terms, my body chemistry has gone whacko.  That, along with my PCOS, is causing various and sundry unwanted and unenjoyable effects.  The medicine that looks like it might have the best chance at actually alleviating some of the symptoms and issues is, of course, not covered by my insurance because I do not technically fit under the qualifications for it.  Ergo, I'm having to go the conventional and totally ineffectual routes first to prove they don't work so we can petition the insurance company to try the Best Chance Drug.  In the meantime, I get to enjoy a buffet of side effects like constant neuropathy in my hands and feet, nausea, fatigue and somnolence.
  • I want popcorn. I have none. Must fix that soonest.
  • QVC must die.  I need to find a way to block QVC from my mom's TV and somehow use my amazing Karnak-like mental powers to spirit her credit card out from her wallet and over to where I live.  I'm pretty sure if her credit card bill doesn't contain a comma in it, she gets a get well card from the channel.  Granted, she ships most of it back every month, but still...
  • I hate my ovaries.  That is all.
  • Oooooo!  Chocolate milk!  Chocolate milk makes everything better.


  1. wow..just a few big words in this post! alliterative....really? I had to look it up!!!

  2. LOL - chocolate milk DOES make it all better! I know, I hate the "step therapy" thing that insurance companies make you do. My husband had that issue with one of his drugs, but the doctor was able to show that he'd already tried the other ones.

  3. It's so frustrating. Both my doctor and I know the current med is not working yet I've had to go back at six week intervals and we up the dose to the next level. This is the last time we can up the dose, though...phew! Nausea and neuropathy: two things that are not all that great together! But at least I've only been a contestant in the Pukeys and not a winner.

    *snuggles chocolate milk*