15 January 2011

Project 365 - Week 3 (January 9 - 15, 2011)

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This is a picture of our church from the back.  I wanted to get the water in the picture and was trying to work with the zoom on the camera.  Obviously, I still need some practice.


The corner of my apartment balcony after six inches of snow had fallen the night before.


MONKEY!!!!  Happiness is getting a visit from my most favoritest four-year-old after not having seen him for almost a year.  We love each other like whoa.


Proof there is a God and that he likes me.


Frank the new iPod is here!  Isn't he cute?
Some days being one of the three billion sucks and the whole "love yourself" message gets lost in the static.

Yes, another hiking picture :).  This is at the start of the hike the Spousal Unit and I took through Allsopp Park


  1. really? You named your pink iPod Frank?!

    That's a great picture of our church. Now if only the fountain were working! :/

    Hope you've had a great week....looking forward to some Sushi with you!!!

  2. Your Friday picture speaks right to my heart. Sigh.

  3. i LOVE hiking and tht picture is beautiful, as is the back of your church! i'm sure the front is pretty too. :-)

  4. Ahhh Friday... that great day that it is...

    You take some really great pictures! Someday I want to be better at taking pictures.... and a million other things as well! LOL

    BTW, LOVE the blog name... I'm totally with you on that one! ;-)

    Jacque ~ Life Along The Way

  5. Had to laugh/grimace at Friday's photo. Yep, I hear you.
    Gorgeous setting for a church!
    Wednesday photo: LOL
    Your hiking trail looks very inviting... Our walks have been put on hold until this heat wave breaks. It's 90º at 7 a.m. Ugh.
    Have a great week!

  6. Hello from one of the non=Barbies...loved your pictures and I loved the church picture. I did one myself this week. The final picture of the path was so pretty....I could hear the wind rustling through the trees. Was that by chance a Carmel Machiato in that Starbucks cup. I stopped yesterday when I ventured out...and had a Carmel Brulle Latte...hit the spot for sure. Nearest Starbucks is 30 minutes away. SIGH! Although McDonalds Caramel hot coffee...is close.

  7. I think your first photo is amazing. And I love the supermodel message.

    Have a great week,

  8. I think your hiking picture is great. You could almost do a story from it. I also like that first pic. A little more clarity and it would be very awesome shot!

  9. Love from 4 yr. old--precious!
    Starbucks...could use one right now.
    Walks with hubby, I'm envious.
    Snow, a beautiful surprise for you all.
    I heard that 49 out of 50 states got it.

  10. Amen sistah!! Your pictures really spoke to me this week, except the snow...love snow, live in California.

    Great pictures and I hope you have a wonderful supermodel-less week!!

  11. Oh..Wednesday. My daughter treated me to one on Thursday--white chocolate mocha.

    I want to be one of Friday's 8.

  12. I feel like the barbie on that sofa (Friday) photo thanks to all the christmas cookies I ate, and I'm still baking I must need my head examined.

    I feel your love for starbucks! GOD IS GOOD!!

    Loving the ipod!