08 January 2011

Project 365 - Week 2 (Jan 2-8, 2011)

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The nucleus of a new recipe I made up.  It also included garlic-infused olive oil and Marsala wine.


Back in the saddle again after two weeks off (one of the things I love about working in higher education)

One of my few "appointment television" shows. I love Mike's sense of humor and his willingness to try just about any of the jobs that as, he says, "make civilized life possible for the rest of us" as well as the fact he never complains about any of the jobs he shows up to attempt.  Plus, he's kinda cute :).
After five years of training/roadwork playlists and one awesome "mindset" playlist to sit and zone to while waiting for my turn on a fight card, it's finally time to retire Chip the iPod after long and honorable service. I have a new 4th gen iPod coming thanks to a Christmas gift certificate.

Thanks, Chip, for service above and beyond through runs in the rain and snow, shadowboxing in sauna suits and sweats and more rounds of jumprope and heavy bag than I even want to remember :).

Munchkin and her lettuce snack.  The cat craves lettuce.  Not shrimp, not chicken, not anything remotely cat treat-like.  Just lettuce.  

My sad attempt at lunch today
Hiking along the Arkansas River


  1. Your pics are great!

    Anything with garlic and Marsala wine has got to be good! Seriously weird that your cat like lettuce.

    Wasn't it a gorgeous day today outside? I should have gone for a walk too.

  2. I agree - very weird that the cat likes lettuce. I ready your Chip eulogy to my husband - he names things too & has a hard time giving them up (one of my pics today is him saying goodbye to a bad of shredding LOL).

    And "cute" isn't the word I'd use for Mike Rowe - I think the word is "hot!" Heh.

  3. I checked out the bag of shredding picture and LOL'd. I...might have had a few moments like that. Maybe...

    And I'll definitely go for "hot" as a word to describe Mike Rowe :).

  4. Your hike looks like it had a great view!

    And hey, at least you know your cat is healthy, right? Green stuff is good for everyone!

  5. Our pets sometimes confound us :) Better lettuce than, say, liverwurst!

    Haven't seen the show, but the host is a cutey :)

    There's just something so peaceful about walking along a body of water. Thankful we also have a lake nearby. Which reminds me, I want to take a walk today!

    Have a great week!

  6. Garlic and marsala wine...sign me up!! You are going to LOVE your new ipod...lots of fun bells and whistles!! I do like Mike, he is a former opera singer (like me) so he is great in my book, and his girlfriend is right...he does look good in those jeans!!

    Have a great week.

  7. A lettuce eating cat! How funny! And Mike Rowe, uh yeah, a little cute, lol.

    I look forward to getting to know you over the next year!


  8. I've never heard of a cat who liked lettuce. Crazy!

    Mike is kinda cute and funny, I agree. I would NEVER do some of the jobs he "steps" into. Yuck!

    Great week!