27 August 2012

What Fresh Hell Is This?

Alrighty, then.  So, in a last ditch effort to stop my pancreas from giving me the middle finger, my doctor had me go see a rep for an FDA-approved diet that has had some good results for people with issues like mine.  Saw the rep on Friday and started the diet Saturday (because every condemned man or woman needs a good last meal!).

To say I am a wee bit cranky might be an understatement :).

The diet consists of some packets of particular foods they manufacture (organic, soy, yadda).  I also (twice a day) add two cups of vegetables, take several vitamins that would choke a horse and get 8 oz of protein for my dinner along with the aforementioned vegetables.  However, there is no soda which means there goes my occasional Pepsi Max to help me through three hours of class.  No alcohol which...not so bad.  I don't really drink that much.  No bread *sobs briefly*.  However, there is also no fruit and no dairy.  But I do get unlimited lettuce!

*cue sound of record scratching*

Yeaaaaaaah.  The no fruit is killing me because I *love* fruit.  I eat a lot of it.  The rule about dairy means no cheese at all and my weekly latte is gone.  I am welcome to have some black coffee with one ounce of skim milk and Splenda once a day.  I also cannot exercise for the first week to two weeks because of the massive reduction in carbs that my body is not yet used to.  Once it starts digging down into the emergency supplies, so to speak, then I can go back to exercising.  I really miss my exercising.

I'm also supposed to be keeping a food diary to show my rep each week.  While I'm dutifully writing down everything I'm (not!) eating, in my head, the diary goes more like this:

Day 1 - Really?  Seriously?
Day 2 - Haven't killed anyone yet.
Day 3 - As God is my witness, I will kill the barista if they do not open in the next two minutes.  The guy that killed Harvey Milk had the Twinkie defense.  I will use...oh wait, I can't have Twinkies.

If my pancreas will stop giving me the finger and come out to join the Internal Organ Party, I may only be four months on this thing before I hit the attempt to wean me off and introduce some more real food back into my life.  *looks back over timeline*  Y'know, it's a good thing that (a) the SU and I do not do any type of Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations and (b) don't live close enough to any of our relatives who do.

If this works?  Fantastic!  If it doesn't, then I continue with my mindset of celebrating what I got and working it :).  In the meantime, there may be a few more food-centric entries :).

In the meantime, here are some pictures:

I just finished Beanie's, well, beanie this week.  It is the first knitted cabling I've ever done:

The next two are of Munchkin who, as I may have mentioned before, has certain fetishes.  One of those is the grocery bags under the sink.  She loves to open the cabinet door, crawl in there and sleep there for hours.  She did that yesterday while the SU and I were sitting and reading.  We heard the cabinet door squeak open, announcing Her Majesty's nap was complete, and then heard a *lot* of rustling.  When we turned to look, this is what we saw:

Don't ask me how but she managed to loop two grocery bags over her head while she was in there and walked out like this was completely normal.  I mean, look at the expression on her face.  It clearly says, "I don't know why *you* find this all so funny."

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  1. LOL at the cat - too funny!

    Wow I don't know if I could do that diet. For one thing, 8 oz of protein at once is a LOT. Then there's the carb thing... Just know that I'm cheering you on, & I'll try to not talk about the stuff I'm eating...