28 August 2012

Rating the food so far...

Wildberry Yogurt flavor - not bad but little berry-like things floating around in said flavor are a little disconcerting...the mouth feel is bizarre.

Tomato-Basil soup. - not only no, but hell no.  First, tomato soup should not be pink like a strawberry milkshake.  Second, it should not have a texture like dirt suspended in water.  Finally, they may want to look into adding some flavor.  I did eat it but it was akin to holding my nose and swallowing it down in one gulp.

Chocolate drink - Good.  To paraphrase eBay:  "A+.  Would drink again."

Lemon and Butterscotch pudding (no, not together) - not bad.  Would be able to eat without grimacing.

Vanilla pudding - doable.  Looks a little...phlegmy.

2 cups of roasted kale is a lot of kale to get through.

I thankfully did not kill anyone during class last night even with the combination of this pancreatic trip through the Nine Circles of Food Hell and a Michael Moore movie (Roger and Me).  Tonight is the first night of my Public Policy class.  It's another Michael Moore film.

Help me.


  1. LOL - that's a lot of Michael Moore!

    I bought kale once & tried to eat it. OHGOODLORDNOTHEBITTERNESS! I was not a fan. However, given how many people appear to like it maybe I just bought the wrong variety?

  2. I just stared at the screen last night and kept thinking "bloviating blowhard"...:)

    I have had kale both raw and cooked and I generally like it. It is a little more bitter like raddichio, though. I have roasted it with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and made kale chips. Those are pretty yummy and crispy. Michael Symon also has a kale, fennel and radish "caesar" salad that is pretty good. Give it another try!