09 August 2012

And lo, the infrequent update commences

I tend to be a very internally-oriented person and a blog is something of a struggle for me.  I don't want to be a blog full of LOL! cats (although I do share a certain fondness for Despair, Inc and their demotivational posters) and I also don't want it to turn into some other blogs I've read where the default reaction is covering your eyes and muttering, "The TMI.  It buuurrrrnnnnnssssss!!"  I mean, there is a reason my blog contains the words "hermit" and "misanthrope" in the title :).

So, while I'm working to strike a balance I'm comfortable with, here are some updates in no particularly revealing order:).

1.  I have rediscovered my unholy love of homemade broccoli slaw.  Unfortunately, I have also rediscovered broccoli slaw's unholy side effects.  (pro tip:  blame the cats).

2.  Finished the summer with A's in both my courses and am waiting for the new semester to start in about two weeks.  I am finding myself singularly unmotivated with the idea of diving back in to another two classes/two nights a week of school and three-four hours Saturdays at the coffee shop.  I keep telling myself it's just residual tiredness from going to school every weekend in June and that, if I get through this semester, I will be over halfway to completing my Master's and have only six classes left.  But, yeah, not so much.  I am just feeling really...unenthused.

3.  The Spousal Unit and I went to see the boudoir pics I posted about in a previous entry and I was very happy with them - as was the SU :).  We made our picks and are currently waiting for the proofs.  The whole photo shoot thing remains very much an awesome experience even almost a month later (and if the SU's reaction to the pictures were any indication, they shall...provided dividends for a while).  I probably won't put any up to share Bug, 'cause I'm not too keen on making those pics public since you kinda lose control of them at that point, but I could probably share one or two with you :).

4.  I wrote about the SU and his issues in a post quite a while back.  All I'm going to say is that those issues have continued to make a return appearance, which also includes lying to me.  So, not so much fun in the Hermit household at the moment.  I have been seeking advice on how to be a Biblical wife in this instance (yet not a doormat) and what my responses can be.  We are both committed to being married - and not just 'cause it's hard to break in a new one after 20 years! - but it's difficult to try and respond respectfully and lovingly to someone when you're also pretty angry with them.  It doesn't mean I can't express my anger but I have been trying to find better ways to do it than just lashing out.  I have a hell of a sharp tongue that I inherited from my mother and I have done my best over the years to try and temper my responses versus just shooting from the hip.

So the SU is starting over again.  Part of me is wanting to be supportive and the other part of me is firmly in the "Yeah, that's what you said *last* time" camp.  In the meantime, I have also gotten advice that I should find places or people where I can talk about how I feel and what's going on.  Tall order (please note the statement re: internal orientation at the top of this post) but I agreed it's a valid one.  Ergo, I'll be checking into some options and working on extending my trust with some of the people I know.  I do know they're trustworthy but I have to overcome my suspicious, sure-I'm-going-to-get-screwed-over nature and remind myself not everyone that I will ever meet will repeat past experiences.

5.  I have three knitting projects going currently.  I swear, it's like crack!  I'm doing a long, multi-colored, multi-striped scarf out of four different colors of Berroco Remix, a couple hats that use cabling, and a very long (450 stitches!) linen stitch scarf out of multicolored Koigu.  The Koigu scarf will probably take me forever since you splice in a new string with every row but I'm getting the hang of the cabling pretty well and the new multi-stripe has a hiccup I need to correct but hopefully I should be shortly back on track.

6.  I also finally have a knitting bag to keep all my stuff in - a retro, military, paratrooper messenger bag.  In khaki.  No flowers or designs for me!  (Lord, I am so predictable at times...:)).

7.  The Spousal Unit passed his first college course in 35 years with an A!  Go him!

8.  And now back to trying to figure out why students request graduation when they still have multiple credits remaining...

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  1. 1. a world of ewww (well, I might like it)
    2. Woot to you! And I hear ya about not being excited. Shoot - I'm not excited for the semester to start & that's just because Mike will be teaching again!
    3. Gimme! Heh. (But I totally understand your hesitance - and I would NEVER share them)
    4. {{Hugs}}
    5. I've barely touched my crochet this summer - too hot to contemplate!
    6. My crochet bag is black with teal flowers - ha (but it was only $10)!
    7. Go S.U.!
    8. The eternal optimism of youth. Or they can't count. One or the other.