20 August 2012


So, remember when I said my mother had sniffed the QVC crack again?  Apparently it was to the tune of $3,000.  My brother and I are undecided whether she just doesn't get how to handle money or just really doesn't care.  What we have tried to impress upon her is that if she blows through all her money, neither he nor I have the wherewithal to pay $3,500 a month to keep her in her new home.  Additionally, neither of us have the resources to have her move in with us.  Her task this week is to get all the QVC crap packaged back up and out to the post office.

*bangs head on desk*


  1. Wow! Mike's mom used to order a LOT of stuff from QVC or the Home Shopping Network. But she would hide the bills & then not pay them. We didn't know it at the time, but looking back it was an obvious first sign of dementia. Not saying your mom has dementia - especially since she confessed. She's probably just bored :)

  2. I really wish she would just read a book instead :).