26 March 2011

Project 365: Week 13 (March 20-26, 2011)

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Spent a lot of time with Mr. Kindle today.


I made my own tomato sauce to go with dinner tonight (sausage borsellini).


A new picture of my youngest granddaughter, Emery.


Breakfast!  Well, part of it.  I add an egg to it as well.


From the moment I get home, the cat will not stop stalking me!  I was working on the computer and she lulled me into a false sense of security by jumping up on the desk and turning around a couple times.  I thought she was going to lay over by the SU's desk but nooooooo.  Instead, she came over and plopped her 40 pound head on my hand, thereby ensuring that she had my attention and not the computer mouse.


This is Spring Break week and the campus gives the staff Friday off as one of our holidays.  This is me at home enjoying the day in my Pink Floyd jammie pants and the shows I'd DVR'd previously in the week.


The weather was bad so we didn't hike this morning.  however, we still needed to go grocery shopping.  So, in lieu of Saturday nature pictures?  Today I present to you a three-part essay of the cat's continuing obsession/duel to the death with grocery bags.

Ah!  My nemesis!  We meet again!

The battle is fraught with peril but I will taste victory (or the inside of the bag - they're equally tasty).

Curses!  Foiled!  (and then she waits until Mommy or Daddy take pity on her running around with a Walmart bag on her body and release her from the clutches of her mortal foe.)


  1. I love the cat & the bag duel. So did my son Josh, said it reminded him when we had our cat boots who would run into a walmart sack & then run crazy through the house with it hanging on his neck because he was terrified. He was not brave like yours.

  2. Your cat is such a hoot - thanks for the laugh :)

    Man your breakfast looks YUMMY! I think I'll add squash to my grocery list...

  3. love your pink floyd PJs!!!!

  4. Our cats used to play that game when they were younger!

    Have a great week,

  5. HA! HA! Your cat tale gave a good giggle. Great pictures. Our cats just chew on the bags, they don't leave holes but will sit there for several minutes chewing on the handles. Makes me wonder what could possibly make that so entertaining.

  6. Love the cat in the Walmart bag picture. That is too cute.

  7. hahahaha!! that second one of your cat fighting with the bag is fabulous! and emery is a DOLL!

  8. Breakfast looks very healthy! Love the name Emery

  9. I always love a good battle between cats vs. bags! :)

    Love the jammies!!! Rockin' out & Relaxin'

    I still am jealous of all you Kindle owners

  10. Great pictures. I especially like the cat and bag battle. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  11. I have wondered about Kindles...seen them alot on the blogs...I love to read, but I lovet the feel of a book in my hands! Your cat is so very cute with his face and then playing with that bag...way to entertain you and him!

  12. Hi there! I clicked over from Sara's blog. Enjoyed my visit. Your blog says, "I am a fascinating person" to me. : ) And now I have to look up "misanthrope" as I forgot what it means. I'm a confessed word addict.