19 March 2011

Project 365 - Week 12 (March 13-19, 2011)

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The strawberries were good this week so I bought several pints.


The cat in her second favorite position:  curled up on the top of the couch with her face smashed into the couch.  And then she snores.  Loudly.


The cat continues to amuse me.  This is her first (and preferred) TV-watching position - lays down, tilts her head back and looks at the TV.


I saw this on a freeway overpass.  If you can't read it, it says "Bobby Ray, I'm yours 4ever.  Julia 9/90".  Either Julia is one devoted girl or she and her swain are the relative sizes of Godzilla and Gamera.


Yup, it's a pad of paper :).  I found out on very short notice (like, one day) that I would be taking over a second graduate program coordinator position in addition to the program I already run along with my other responsibilities.  This pad is the result of one very long brain suck with the abdicating coordinator.  Most of the pad is filled.


I remain entertained by the feline contingent.  I was working at my computer when I heard...snuffling.  I turned around to find Curious Grace on top of the filing cabinet in this position.  Boy, wish I could get the hang of the sleep anywhere/anytime thing!


We went hiking in Two Rivers Park today.  The first two shots are along the swamp where the Spousal Unit reminded me ever so helpfully that "water moccasins are out early this year".  'Cause, yeah, that's reassuring.  The third picture is looking up at the gated community that gets to look down at the park and everyone else :).

We passed this sign on the way into Two Rivers Park and both the Spousal Unit and I said the same thing at the same time: "I wonder what they asked them" so I had to stop and get a picture.  (I did Google to find out what Polled Herefords actually are and they are Herefords without horns - so anticlimactic!)


  1. the pictures of your cats this week are hilarious!!! especially the one with it's face smashed into the couch!!!

    btw, I did get a pedicure too....just didn't take a picture. :) I know..spoiled.

  2. One of our cats sleeps with his head smashed down like that quite often. Thankfully he does not snore.

    I'd be a little nervous of the water moccasins too!

  3. LOved the strawberries! Your outdoor pictures were so good too!

  4. Those strawberries look delish...a sure fav in this house! And water moccasins...NO WAY! Just those 2 words would have had me back in the car...I don't do snakes! lol Your sleeping kitty pics are so amusing...loved the smashed face one!

  5. Those strawberries look great. I have a cat that sleeps with her face down like that & she always snores like a sailor.

    Hugs & love,

  6. Love the cat pictures - they're like liquid fur sometimes.

    LOVE the polled hereford sign - that's totally something either Mike or I would say. Except, being an encyclopedia he probably already knows the answer. I'll ask right now...yep - he knew. He first said, "they didn't ask them, they just took it," (meaning that they'd been castrated, which is another meaning for it), but then he said that it probably meant they were hornless :)

  7. It's cat week. They are funny.
    Beautiful swamp pics.
    I think I'll look for strawberries.

  8. One of my fav things about the onset of spring is the strawberries. I have two carton in the frig right now. They are delish!

    Have a great week!

  9. My man and I would have looked at each other and said the exact same thing. Quirky sense of humor, but I love it. But as The Bug said, my husband would have known the answer. Lots of useless info tucked away. :)

    The cats are entertaining!