15 February 2012

Dear Potential Student

Dear Potential Student,

When you call about my program and I tell you it is a graduate program?  Please not to be getting all huffy with me regarding the requirement of a bachelor's degree.  For, lo, whilst I agree that, indeed, life can seem most unfair at times, the fact I will not make thee a thing called an "exception" due to your (dubious) sparkling personality doth not qualify as "unfair".  Nay.  It is barely a blip on my radar.

When you inquire about a community program that has a link via my program's web page that I do not know about, please not to be disbelieving regarding my statement that I have no knowledge of them as I only work with my program.  However, when I am kind enough to not comment on your affliction of blindness and point out the link contains contact numbers for you to talk to people who, you know, actually work with these community programs, and I suggest you call them?  Prithee not to be badgering me about how come I have not the information within my own brainpan.  The last time I took inventory, I did not determine I was the Fount of All Knowledge.  If you continue to insist that, yea verily, I have abilities beyond my ken, I will be sorely tempted to maketh stuff up and tell it to you as Gospel.


Not me:

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  1. LOLOL - same as it ever was :) If you work in an office & answer the phone - no matter what your job is - you're going to have to deal with idjits. Ha!