14 May 2011

Projct 365: Week Twenty (May 8 - 14, 2011)

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Another week gone and another week closer to seeing my granddaughters (my daughter and son-in-law too, I should probably add :)! Other than that, it was the usual week with working and watching the Spousal Unit inch ever closer back to normal health. I also tried to get a few projects going that had been sitting on my "to do" list for a while. I at least now have my Combatives and fight videos in one place and I'm trying to make a Blogger page so I can just throw them on there and know where they are instead of this folder...that jump drive. I also got back to writing a little which is good. But, I digress. On with the pictures!


As I've mentioned before, Curious Grace is convinced I am the Other Woman. If she can just get rid of me, then she will have the SU all to herself and Their Love Will Be. Every now and again, though, she decides she really, really likes me and must show it by (a) laying on me and (b) grooming me (I think she just likes the way tat ink tastes).

Mommy!  I love you!  Never leave me!

What?  How can you doubt the sincerity on this face?


A Mother's Day picture from my four pseudo-grandchildren:  Samuel, Monkey (who has been a subject of P365 before), Bean and Houdini the Butthead.  They make my heart melt :).


Munchkin doing her usual dance of the weird.  She lay flat on her back in front of my chair and was apparently content to stare at me in a rather "Children of the Corn" fashion so I took her picture.


My mother's reign of terror at QVC continues.  We cannot barbecue in our apartment complex so she sent us an electric barbecue.  If the Spousal Unit cannot achieve the testosterone-y trifecta of Man, Meat, Fire, then at least we can have Man, Meat...Voltage?


We had a staff meeting and our boss brought Krispy Kremes.


Some days just require a strawberry limeade to kick it off.  We're heading into the last few days before the graduation deadline and, as usual, I have one department out of five who suddenly decided to investigate things I'd been asking them about for three months.  Grrrr.


I went and used the certificate my friends gave me from this post and got a pedicure today. Five years of training on mats had left my feet kinda like cheese graters but now they're smooth and purty!


  1. Man, you shouldn't talk about Children of the Corn to someone who lives amongst the cornfields. I don't really - they're mostly north of me. But still :)

    I wish I could reach through the computer screen & eat one of those donuts!

  2. I think your cat is just keeping you off guard....drawing you in for the kill! :)

    I was wondering if you had gotten your pedi yet?!

    coffee this week?

  3. the first picture of curious grace is so cute, and im guessing very deceiving... :-)
    your pedicure looks great!!

  4. YOur cats are so silly, i am not much of a cat person but yours always make me smile! And love me some krisy kremes...YUM! You have a week full of my true loves...doughnuts, pedis, and sonic drinks!!

  5. Loved the cat pictures. I also am a big fan of pedi's and Krispy Kremes. Looks like you had a fun packed week.

  6. KKs, kitties and pedis, all good!
    Now to get through graduation and all that entails for you!

  7. pretty kitty...so sweet
    ohhhh, kk's! yum oh!
    hope to get my tootsies worked on next week

  8. Oh my... my mom LIVES by QVC! :)

    Look at your cute little kitties!!! Such sweet faces.

  9. Once again your cat photos and the dialog to go with them bring a smile to my face.

    Krispy Kreme went out of business in our area. I haven't had one of their donuts in years.