10 May 2011

Momentary lapses of reason

1.  Ow.  My back has decided it wants to be in pain for some reason.  I mean, granted, I'm missing a kind of important disc but, really, Mr. Spine?  I'm hoping the cause is from the lovely medicine that is convincing my pancreas to stop being such a helicopter parent about my insulin and release it into my body versus storing it up like some Biblical famine is on the way and only the insulin in my stomach can save us :P.  If it is continued weight loss, I can (someday) get my spine adjusted so it is used to carrying a lighter load and stop trying to have the nonexistent disc help with matters.

2.  I really need some new books to read.  Since I apparently have the self-control of a lemur, I have devoured all...well, let's just say "lots of" books in a new series I found and I need to find something else engrossing that either has multiple books or many, many pages for Mr. Kindle because...

3.  I get go to Alaska to see my grandbabies! (and I need something for the plane ride).  My mother has been incredibly generous and is paying for the Spousal Unit and I to go to Alaska with her and see our grandchildren for the first time.  The SU got to see Rylie for a few hours when she was a baby but she is just over two years old now and we haven't seen Emery in person ever.  So very excited to love on grandbabies in a little over a month.  I would do a happy dance but did I mention "ow"?  Would y'all settle for a fist pump instead?

4.  How do my cats shed so much and not end up naked?  I would get them shaved again but Arkansas requires they have tags and up-to-date shots and (a) they are almost eleven years old, (b) it would cost $250 to get what is required *before* I could even get them shaved and (c) carting 30+ pounds of cats in carriers down flights of stairs to the vet and back again just doesn't seem work the entertainment value of watching them adjust to their shaved selves once more.  The Spousal Unit keeps making noises about Valium and an electric razor, though...

Munchkin after we had her shaved the first time:  "Aaaack!  You're one of those people who thinks it's funny to take pictures of people in the shower, aren't you?"

Grace after her initial shave:  "I hate you...but you're petting me so I will let you live."

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