24 December 2013

I find your lack of faith...disturbing

(Well, no, not really.  But it was too good of a quote to pass up :)).

Was talking with the SU last night.  Long story somewhat shorter, my mom gave me a new laptop about halfway through my Master's degree.  It is a 17-inch Dell with Windows 8.  I got a lot of use out of it for the applications I needed (thanks, Mom!)

The SU has been looking to start up his music again - an activity I heartily encourage.  His old laptop will no longer handle the requirements for the software he uses.  After thinking about it, I made him a present a month or so ago of my laptop and told him I believed in him and missed his music. He actually cried.

Since then, he has asked me/offered me about ten times if I want him to slick his old laptop and give it to me.  I have a laptop from previous and it works fine for me and I keep telling him no, that someday I want a tablet but that's a "someday" gift.  Last night he asked me AGAIN about the laptop and I got a little bit upset.  I told him giving my laptop to him was a gift with no strings and no requirement to somehow make it equal so he needed to accept it and stop trying to compartmentalize it in a way he could understand and be comfortable with.  Then I said that was also the problem he had with Jesus.  Jesus wants to give him a gift and Mike doesn't understand how he can be unconditionally loved so he keeps looking at Jesus' gifts through the Economy of The Spousal Unit and it keeps not making sense.

SU:  "There you go again, sounding like Jesus."
Me:  "Is that a bad thing?"
SU:  "No, but it's...unnerving."
Me:  "Why is it unnerving?"
SU:  "Because it keeps making me look at things I don't want to look at."

So there you have it, folks!  I am unnerving :).

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  1. Good job! I think that's probably the reason you're still there...