26 August 2013


He was sober when I got home late Saturday afternoon.  He did drink Saturday night but it was more...mellow.  Not just pounding it down.

The "fun" came Sunday morning.  I was digging in our office closet where I keep my extra purses.  The SU was in the shower.  When I finally found the one I wanted, I yanked on it and an empty vodka bottle came tumbling out with it.  I swear it was like there was suddenly a caption over my head and it read, "So, what are you going to do?"

My thoughts rewound to the woman caught in sin.  Specifically, the part where Jesus did not require her to say she was sorry and wouldn't do it again or make her come up with some kind of promise or list of things she would do to atone.  He just forgave her.

So I threw the bottle in the trash, didn't say a word, and went to church with my husband.


  1. I'd like to say I would have done the same, but probably I would have just put it on his chair & then not said anything, like the passive-aggressive b!@tch I can be...

  2. Oh, trust me :). I can be a pretty PA b!@tch too. I had to totally fight down the instinct to go thrust this into his shower and want to know when/where/how/why...or leave it on the counter and wait for him to notice it. BTDT :).