02 August 2013

The Word of the Day


My reading and study this morning had a lot about faith which is something I've been praying about and asking God to work on - mainly being chained to *my* perception of how He is working related to the SU's alcoholism and my unbelief that crops up when the SU exhibits, well, standard drunken behavior instead of moving forward how *I* think he should move forward or what *I* think should be happening.

Basically, I've been trying to lose the "I".  I want to believe as Galatians: because of what I have heard from God and not because of law which, in this case, would be the works I deem appropriate.

So, right after praying about that, the SU tells me he's going to stay home today because he "doesn't want to play anymore today".  That's generally code for "I'm going to stay home and drink myself blind."

Me to God:  "So...I guess we're not wasting any time working on this, huh?"

Abba, help me lose the shackles constructed by my point of view on things and have faith that what you have told me is true.

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