12 January 2013

Project 365: Week 2

It has been a good week which as all last weeks before the start of a new semester should be :).  All the work of the weekend (grocery shopping, etc) has been done and I can now dedicate the rest of the weekend to sloth!  Yay, sloth!  And now?  Pictures:

My favorite munchkins next to my granddaughters sent me a new picture of themselves:

Not pictured is their big brother but I have known all three of these guys since they were hanging out in a nine months, rental free state :).  I miss them.

Obligatory Cat Photo.  We had a printer box in the corner of the office for a few weeks and the cats loved it.  They slept in it, slept on top of it, rolled around on the plastic bag the printer was in...and then we were horribly mean people and threw it out.  Now they comfort themselves with the memory of better times:

Food note:  I like edamame!  Who knew?  Going to try roasting them later this week:

Best machine ever!  I love not having to tromp to the campus Sbux in the morning for a cup of burned tasting coffee.  And I get to choose different flavors too:

The new semester starts on Monday.  On the good side?  I'm on the downhill slope to finishing my Master's with an expected graduation this fall.  On the downside:  this is the size of print for one of my texts this semester...and there's no pictures:


  1. You lost me at contextual....
    Cute kiddos!!
    I LOVE my keurig! I like the stand yours is on with the drawer underneath; super cool.
    We like edemame, too, but only as an appetizer at Chinese food restaraunts. I've tried cooking it a couple times, and it's just not the same at home. :-/

  2. Poor kitties! Love that they went to the spot and laid down. So funny!

    I, too, love your keurig stand. How handy is that! I'm always trying to hide those little containers.

    My hubs is working on his MBA full-time, while working full-time. We live on a farm and he does that part-time. :) I don't know how he does it all. He just started business law this weekend. Ugh! He's glad to be done with his finance class though. Projected graduation: end of August! Yay!

  3. The cats are hilarious. You need to get them another box :)

    I LOVE edemame! I need to remember to buy it more often (maybe I'll add that to my 50x50 list - ha!).

    So glad you're on the home stretch of school. And better you than me with that textbook. Really :)

  4. Love, love, love the cat picture, sounds like our cats with the boxes. Now I know what to send you as a gift, empty boxes for your cats (ha, ha)

  5. Second cat story.
    Now, I'm convinced our cat need a box!
    Have a great semester!