22 September 2012

Project 365: Week 38

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Thank you to everyone who commented on the pictures or said it was nice to see me again :).  Getting comments in my inbox really helps alleviate the work/school mix I find myself in (I still say it's a circle of Hell that Dante didn't write about...). 

So, this week I have some more pictures:


The hallway I wish I was walking down since it leads to the parking lot and my car.  Alas, it was a school night.


Because what I need is a *new* knitting project.  This is a cowl being knitted in the round.  I think the yarn is something like Heritage Silk?  (Have to check my Ravelry account).

This, believe it or not, is my jury summons (first one I've ever gotten in my life).  It was so mangled and torn that I couldn't even tell when I was supposed to report - hence the multiple pictures I took in case I'd already missed my date!  The clerk at the court was most helpful...after she stopped laughing.


On this diet, I get no dairy so...*sniff*...no more lattes.  They did tell me, however, I can use a minimal amount of sugar-free syrups which is great since I'm not too much of a fan of just black coffee.  Note my new best friends :).


The evening's vegetable selection waiting to be roasted in the oven:  mushroom, bell pepper, asparagus tips and Anaheim chile pepper.


OK...these are some before and after shots (well, during, since I'm not done yet).  I had taken some pictures of myself in the gym previously while at my heaviest and thought I would take more pics wearing the same clothes to see if I noticed a change.  As of this day, after a month on this diet, I weigh 17.5 pounds less than I did.



And there you have it.  Please excuse the hair.  I just run a brush through it before I head down to the gym so the "Yeah, I slept on it" hills and valleys are still present :).


  1. Ooh those veggies look GREAT - yum! I love how they put "we care" on those bags. Where was the care before they mangled the item?

    You're looking good!

  2. oh my word, I can not believe your jury summons came like that!!! so when do you have to report? I am assuming you didn't miss it!

  3. Lookin' good!

    I'm guessing you didn't miss your jury summons. I can't believe it came like that. I wonder what the postal worker was thinking if they even realized what it was, that is.

  4. Great job on the weight loss! A very hard thing to do! I am not sure I could give up my dairy, my afternoon latte are a treat for me, but then I don't do sugar in my coffee just creamer and I make my latte with skim so it's low fat!


  5. Hey stranger!! Glad you're doing well, although busy it sounds like.
    Congrats on the weight loss! Youre lookin good! I love roasted vegetables!!

  6. I rec'd jury summons too, but supposed to call to confirm, and it's off! Second time this has happened this year.
    You're lookin' great! Keep up the good work!