01 June 2012

Scratching my head...

The new Blogger stuff is freaking me out (yes, I know it might help if I posted more often but still...).  I really hate that it's tied into Google because we use Gmail at work and it keeps thinking that I want to log into my blog with my work e-mail and tries to tell me I don't have a blog.  Cue momentary freakout on my part until I look and realize the e-mail address it's trying to use.

The semester has finished and I start two new classes this month, which means I will be going to school Fri-Sat-Sun for the entire month of June.  Yay.  Why did I think this was a good idea again?  I ended the semester with an A and a B (the latter in my nemesis: Research Methods).  My paper and presentation were very good according to the professor but the midterm grade I got (a low B - which I'm happy with considering over half the class FAILED the thing) kept me just a point or two shy of the edge of the A's.  The performance-oriented side of me is not happy but I keep telling it that, hey, at least I don't have to take the class again.

I'm not posting much because my default setting is that I'm tired and, honestly, that's not all that exciting to live so I imagine it has to be hella-boring to hear about over and over.  I have thoughts on blog entries backed up in my head but overcoming the inertia I seem to find myself mired in feels like way too much effort.  I'm working on getting some energy up for the papers and group work that will start flying at me in about, oh, 9 hours but that's as far as it goes for now.

So, anyway.  Here.  Breathing.  Hopefully doing more than that soon.

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  1. Shoot - I have inertia & I'm not even working & in school too. And that statement is silly because everything has inertia, right? It's just getting the thing moving that's the problem. Hmm.

    I'm proud of your hard work - & just checking in now & again is fine :)