06 April 2012

Please cite this blogpost properly and other random moments

Have I ever mentioned exactly how much I really hate APA style?  If I have not, please let me assure you now that I despise it to the depths of my soul.  I even despise it more than okra (which I already think is Satan's boogers).

If you can't tell, I'm trying to take care of the finishing touches on one of my two papers that are coming due (be working on the second one this weekend.  I'm starting to think the coffee shop should put a little nameplate on my chair at this point :)).  I've got citations from journal articles, news casts, government documents, magazine articles, what APA so helpfully calls "nonperiodical web documents, web pages or reports" and assorted other pieces of information.  All six inches of documentation jammed into two manila folders that I've been lugging around with me for about four months now are so familiar at this point that I think I'm starting to dream about them :P.  I just keep reminding myself that soon I will be done, done, DONE with this semester and that means two more classes closer to my Master's.

Knitting was providing stress relief but now it's providing more in the way of humor - for other people :P.  The blanket I have a picture of in my last post is 120 stitches for each row.  Somewhere along the way of my first five rows, I managed to add in another stitch, which is...not good.  So I went back to the yarn store and had my first lesson in how to rip out stitches one by one.  Still couldn't find the error so Yarn Store Lady took a look and, dude, I couldn't recreate what I'd done if I *tried*.

Apparently I managed to do some kind of advanced increase stitch that isn't even supposed to be seen.  Go me!  YSL joked I was now ready for sweaters and I told her my label for my sweater line would be "Sweaters...by Mistake" :).  Took it home and somehow managed to create *another* stitch, thus giving me ample opportunity to practice my newfound talent of ripping stitches out.  I ripped out the entire row and finally decided, "You know what, self?  You're only, what, four-five rows into this thing.  Let's rip it all out and start over."  So last night I ripped out the few rows I'd done and then re-cast the 120 stitches needed to start the blanket.  We'll see if I do any better this weekend and give my working-on-not-swearing vocabulary a rest.

However!  I do hasten to point out that I am not the only oblivious one in the Hermitage.  The Spousal Unit had a meeting to go to on Tuesday night and it was in a small church versus their usual spot.  The SU needed to use the facilities before the meeting started, asked a friend where they were and the friend said he believed they were through the sanctuary.

So, SU wanders in and sees a small group of people sitting quietly.  They look up at him (a little strangely, per the SU) and he says he's looking for the bathroom.  One of the group points him in the right direction so the Spousal Unit thanks him and excuses himself.  On the way back, he has to go through the sanctuary again and the same group of people are there and giving him the same odd kind of looks.

It is then that he notices the very large casket with the very dead guy in the center of the sanctuary.

So, see??  It's not just me!

And now I'm going to shamelessly steal from The Bug and her post on songs from your iPod predicting your weekend.  I don't have my iPod here at work but I do have iTunes so I let it randomly play ten songs:

Bim Bam Smash - John Powell (The Bourne Supremacy)
Cold Missouri Waters - Cry Cry Cry (Cry Cry Cry)
Like a Dog Chasing Cars - Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight)
Carnivale Main Title Theme - Jeff Beal (Carnivale)
Vezandlebe - Johnny Clegg and Savuka (Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World)
Keep Yourself Alive - Queen (Live in Montreal)
The Tower - Vienna Teng (Waking Hour)
What Have You Done Now? - Within Temptation (The Heart of Everything)
Apprivoise-Moi - Ishtar (The Voice of Alabina)
Miami International - David Arnold (Casino Royale)

*looks at list*  Seriously?  I have no idea what that says about my weekend.  Anyone?  Bueller?


  1. I think it means you'd better be careful out there! Ha!

    You should see the scarf I'm working on. I should call it the "Winding River" design. In fact, I think I will!

    1. oh my word! I had not heard that story about Mike yet!!! That is HILARIOUS!!!!!!