27 November 2011

Project 365: Week 48

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Still trying to get back on track with P365!  These are some pictures I took this week.  I don't remember exactly when so I'm just going to post them with any accompanying commentary rather than assigning them days.

Say hello to Munchkin - or at least the parts of her you can see.  The cat faceplants into the sofa and the Spousal Unit and I marvel at how she can even breathe...and snore.  Oh my gosh, how she can snore!

Kitty TV!  I don't know what she sees out this window but she's over by it, gazing intently, for minutes at a time.

This is what I am greeted by most mornings when the alarm goes off and I stumble out of bed to go hit the gym.  Look at that face.  It says, "You love me.  You want to feed me.  NOW."

Who has two thumbs and is (a) happy it's the day before a four day weekend and (b) the campus is a ghost town so I can wear sweats to work?  THIS KID!!  (P.S.  The reason the hair looks funny is because I was wearing pigtails.)

The photographic record of most of my weekends this semester.  Laptop, notes, and a stack of journal articles and web site printouts off to the side.  Coffee and bottle of water NOT optional :).  On the bright side, OTOH, I think I am done - all 25 pages are written and cited and formatted correctly as far as I can tell.  Now I just have to get through my presentation tomorrow night and then turn the final paper in on the 12th.




  1. Oh, the relief of a project completed/finished/over!!!

  2. here's to your presentation going wonderfully!
    Having papers due over the holidays just stinks.
    kitty must be eyeing a birdy out there somewhere...they don't miss much with their sharp eyes.

  3. FAT cat - woo! I wish I could wear sweats to work - we do have jeans days, but they're not as comfy as my sweatpants. OK, now I'm off to make a note to remember to read what you sent me - now that I'm back in town.