05 November 2011

Project 365 - Week 45

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Got a text shortly before class Monday that we were apparently missing our back deck (we live on the second floor of our apartment complex).  It seems that the complex decided to tear off all the siding on the back side of our particular quad and, in doing so, replace the deck...along with the window behind the TV...along with the sliding glass door.  And all with absolutely no prior notice! 

So the SU came home Monday and saw strange men walking in and out of our apartment and one of them said, "Hey, you live up here?"  He said yes and the guy said, "Well, you ain't got no deck."

Yeah.  And we still don't.  (At least they did replace the sliding glass door fairly quickly even if they forgot to install the hardware.  Us:  "You *are* taking all the ladders away when you go home at night, right?"
)  Oh, and did I mention that the back of the building was apparently decayed and about to cave in?  Good times...good times.


This is Beanie and her little brother, Collin; two of my favoritest kids and siblings to The Monkey.  Their mom knows I have a thing for Marvin Martian (he's one of my tattoos) and snapped this while she was out shopping with them.  Beanie is posing like a rock star while Collin seems to be trying to figure out where his head disappeared to :).


My son was working here in Little Rock this week (he's based out of Wisconsin) and called us so we had him over for dinner Wednesday night.  I can't believe it's been three years since we've seen him last!


This is my current state of mind after the first go-round on my second group project.  Can I just say  how much I hate group projects?  (For more from the Ballad of the Sad Grad Student, see below).  The SU keeps telling me I can't hold people to my standards but, seriously, my standards are basically that you do what you say will, turn it in to me when you say you will, and if you can't?  Let me know ASAP.  Not all that unreasonable or unattainable, but it makes me yearn for projectile weapons like you would not believe.

(Ballad of the Sad Grad Student:  OK, in our last episode, we had one person who did not turn in any work despite three attempts at helping her to do so.  Our group got marked down.  This time, I have had one person turn in work that was great - he was in my last group and I was so relieved to get him again.  Another person has turned in about a page worth of stuff with no citations or references for the blog, full of very vague ideas and his main source is eHow.com.  The other two?  Haven't seen hide nor hair despite a reminder e-mail on Friday and another one this morning.  GAAAAAAAAAH.)


  1. Oh man I had hoped your new group would be better. I sure hope there's a way for the professor to know how fabulous YOU are despite your slack group members.

    Love the pics with your son - glad you got to spend time with him.

    Oh, and the deck? Really? I know you guys are strapped for cash, but I might consider moving...

  2. I didn't do grad school, but it took me 12 years of night school to do my undergrad. There was a distinct difference between the traditional and "non-traditional" students. I had no use for group stuff either, but the profs seem to love the idea. Less grading??

    I thought the whole deck thing sounded great! They are spending lots of money to upgrade and take care of your apt. There are lots and lots of landlords who wouldn't. All construction is a pain while its happening, but then you are left with new! Hope it goes fast and is ready for you to make lots of new memories there in the spring/summer.

  3. I'm not a huge fan of group projects either. They always seem to turn out the way that yours has.

    That deck thing is crazy! But I sure am glad the side of the building won't be caving in anytime soon.

  4. I will NEVER understand the whole group project thing! Do professors not see how inane it is? Unless I can pick who I work with, I'm not interested. Been there, done that, with similar results to yours. I can so empathize!
    On a happier note, it was fun to see you with your son :) Gotta love the times we have with them... I"m rather greedy and would like more than I get :)

  5. seems the consensus is that group projects are dumb...Now we just need professors to understand that! ugh!!

    I can't believe they gave you no warning on that deck. I think Alyssa would freak out if she came home and some guys were coming out of her apt!!!

  6. It must have been great to see your son.

    I can't imagine them renovating like that without notice!

    Have a great week,