30 April 2011

Project 365: Week 18 (April 24 - 30, 2011)

The tornado that came through here this week took out my desktop so I am trying to do this entry via my laptop and the touchpad.  Yeeaaaaah, this should be fun :P.

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This is almost 48 hours after the Spousal Unit's gallbladder removal.  Curious Grace is looking at me and demanding to know exactly whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy she can't go lay all over the Large Man's stomach the way she usually does.  ("Large Man" is their name for the SU.)


After taking the SU to his follow-up appointment to get the drain removed, I came home and polished up my nerd cred by watching the commentaries on my Stargate: Atlantis episodes.


Kitty TV


Rylie after her first haircut


Well, at least someone is back in a routine :P.


We made root beer floats to toast the SU's continuing recovery and return to work this week.


He let me take one picture to prove he was back in action.  (Note, however, as per last week's pre-surgery picture, he is still studiously ignoring me.)


  1. in your first picture, your cat looks like it is about to bite your camera!!!

    I love, LOVE rootbeer floats!!! yum!!!

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow...it seems like it has been forever!!!

  2. Rootbeer floats are one of our fav treats. Those storms have been pretty nasty; glad you are all safe and good to hear that SU is recovering well after his surgery...before the cats know it they will have their place of rest again! Have a great week!

  3. glad you're safe! your kitty pictures always make me miss my cat. we had to get rid of her because my son is allergic. my parents have her, though, so I still get to see her occasionally.
    have a great week!

  4. Glad that SU is doing better. You've got me craving a root beer float now. Love Curious Grace!

    Have a great week,

  5. Glad that you are all safe. Hope SU feels back to normal soon!

  6. Praying for continuing and FULL recovery for SU.
    LOVED kitty tv :)
    I am craving a root beer float now... root beer is one of those things we can't get here BUT I will be able to have one in TWO DAYS when we arrive stateside. Woot!

  7. I love A & W root beer...was a child of the rootbeer stand era. I watched a show about the making of A & W root beer and have been craving a float ever since. Rylie's new doo is darling.

  8. Glad SU is recovering well (although the mention of removing the drain made me cringe a little - I'm so darn squeamish these days!). Rylie is VERY cute with her haircut. However, as usual, the cats are the stars of your blog :)