16 April 2011

Project 365: Week 16 (April 10-16)

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Oh?  You wanted to read?


I was up at this time a lot during the week while the Spousal Unit continued to "enjoy" the effects of his recalcitrant gallbladder.


Saw the doctor and the Spousal Unit is scheduled for surgery next Friday.


I mentioned her in last week's P365 entry under the "dunce" (as in "I was a...") entry.  This is Janet, my awesome co-worker and also known as She Who Knows Where the Bodies are Buried.


The Spousal Unit took a picture of me while I was cooking.  It was meant to be a joke to send to my mom about something she'd said on the phone about my multitasking.  Please note I am cooking dinner (chicken Marengo) while having already done my mise en place, *and* if you look closely, I also have my iPod playing in my ears.  Huh.  Who says I can't multitask?  (Side note:  stole one of the SU's shirts to protect against bacon grease splatter.)


For Momma Frans, who said she wanted to see what was *in* the bags from my shopping last week.  The dress, necklace and wedges all courtesy of the shopping trip. 


First, since I know Sara will say something, I went to the Beth Moore conferene with her but do not have any pictures to post since I only had my phone camera (curse my sieve-like mind) and the few pics I tried did NOT come out.  Ergo, I have substituted this picture of Curious Grace who was napping like this when I came home.  I decided to follow suit - only without the spinal contortions and the mashing my face into the couch arm.


  1. That is a GREAT picture of you!!!

    and uh....I think I may have looked like your cat this afternoon!!! came home, sat on the couch and was OUT.

  2. Cat photo hysterical! We once had a dog who slept with all four paws pressed up against a wall. Weirdest dog ever.

    Lovely new dress and accessories! Looking good girl! Is that what you wore to the Beth Moore conference?

    Will pray for a successful surgery and no complications! And for you as you "nurse" him back to health -- since we know how notoriously like babies men can be when they don't feel good :)

  3. I bet Beth Moore was amazing...we love her here! Hope SU surgery goes well...not so much fun and not so much fun being up at the time of night either! Love your new dress but really love your new necklace...you look great!

  4. Are you sure the spiral contortions wouldn't be good for your back? :) Your cat pictures always crack me up.

    I hope your hubby surgery goes well and he gets out of pain soon.

  5. I hope the surgery goes well. The picture of you modeling your new outfit is great! I'm always a sucker for animal pics and Curious Grace is a fantastic name!

    Hugs & love,

  6. I'll add my well wishes for the SU - hope all goes well. Your cat pictures are always great. Love the new outfit!

  7. I am a huge Beth Moore fan....love your new outfit. It really looks good on you.