06 February 2013


Very difficult time in counseling yesterday.  It is hard to hear how dead my husband feels inside.  It is hard for me to express how I am feeling and wish for some type of sign that he actually gets it, that it makes an impact.

He biffed the landing Friday and Saturday nights this past week and that, combined with the topics we discussed in counseling, are just leaving me emotionally raw.  I'm at one of those stages where hope is low.  I spent most of my day today in my office trying not to think about it because I started to cry every time I did think about all that is going on.

I know I have to keep pressing forward.  I have to continue to fight and hang on to God for me, my husband, and our marriage.  But not tonight.

Cry tonight.  Regroup tomorrow.


  1. My heart breaks for you. It's so hard to be connected like this to someone & yet not be able to get inside his head & make it better :(

  2. im so, so sorry. praying for you and your husband.