06 October 2012

Project 365 - Week 40

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Well, unfortunately, I only have one day's worth of pictures this week.  However, when you look at them, you may understand why:

As part of my new and improved job duties, I am now the proud owner of 250 advisees with more to follow in the future.  Between *that*, the blast e-mail that went out telling all these folk to contact me to set up advising appointments, trying to write a comprehensive (and *good*) analytical essay on the failing economy of Detroit, and now working on a lit review and a policy paper, I think I'm pretty lucky I've remembered my name by today!

(and I didn't get any chance to knit, either!  Suuuuuuuck!)


  1. Whoa! That is a LOT of advisees! And a depressing topic for your paper... I'm proud that you even posted anything :)

  2. That is a lot of advisees. I am sorry....hope everything mellows out.

  3. Oh, help!!!
    No time for TV either, I suppose. (That's the only time i knit.)
    Thanks for letting us know. i pray wisdom and strength for you.