13 August 2011

Project 365: Week 33

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I traded with Alyssa to borrow Seasons 2 and 3 of Chuck since, per the Spousal Unit, the copy I ordered from Amazon "wouldn't arrive fast enough".  We watch 2-3 episodes per night.


My text for this semester.  I'd forgotten how dense public admin texts can be!


Greaaaaaat.  Thanks, Captain Colitis!  Geez, now I have to be a freakin' Yoga Master.  God did not give me enough vertebrae for this.


Meatballs for banh mi sandwiches.  They've just been seared off on the stovetop and are going into the oven to finish cooking.


This week's cat photo.  Yeah, she just likes to hang there like that...


To quote Homer Simpson:  "D'oh!  It just gets worse and worse!"  One innocent question to the doctor via my husband's appointment results in...this.  However, I can now honestly say I have proved the adage about not being able to find your ass with both hands and a flashlight.


The cat again - doing her usual favorite Saturday post-grocery store activity:  cage matches with the Kroger bags.


  1. First, your cats are HILARIOUS. Second, oh you have me in stitches about your "issues." I wonder what the heck I would do at this point in time? Left hip has twenty something staples, right shoulder still doesn't have enough mobility - I'm thinking that Dr. M would be getting intimate with me in a way that he's pretty sure aren't covered in the marriage vows :)

  2. ok, the mental images....thanks. :)

    Alyssa was pretty excited about the exchange herself!!

    You missed a great movie today...wish you could have gone!!

  3. The cat pictures rock. The mental images of the other...not so much.

  4. Love "Chuck"! Haven't watched in soooo long, though, so I'm really behind and don't have a clue what's going on anymore. My very favorite episode is the FIRST one in the FIRST season. Because of the ninja sequence. I was rolling on the floor laughing!!

  5. Aww, it looks like kitty had a better week than you did!

    Hugs & love,

  6. Love the cat photo, just hanging out like that. so cute....

    Hope you uh... found your ass eventually. That cracked me up (no pun intended)