05 June 2011

Project 365: Week Twenty-three (May 29 - June 4, 2011)

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I'm a little late this week getting P365 up and running.  I was going to do it yesterday like an on-time, prompt kind of individual but the combination of (a) forgetting the camera in the SU's truck and (b) messing up the back injury from when I fought made the idea of going downstairs to get the camera one that I decided not to contemplate - instead I had the SU bring the camera up after he came back from church this morning.  The SU - so handy in so many ways!  My hope is that I stop walking like Igor (or is it I-gor? :)) soon.


The accoutrements for dinner - I was making lemongrass coq au vin.


A mutual grooming session:  what you can't see is the Spousal Unit has a comb he is grooming her with and Munchkin decided to return the favor (that and the cats are crazy about the leftover tobacco smell/nicotine on his hands after he smokes a cigarette).


I included this because the cat just cracks me up.


Who says I can't multitask?  I'm working and charging my Kindle at the same time :).


I saw this in Target and laughed like a drain.  How does one become qualified to be rated a "sneeze whisperer"?  Does it involve Kleenex?  Corralling runaway mucus?  Coaxing the gunshy sneeze from its home?  What?


No Picture.


Now that the SU is well again, we're back to our Saturday hikes.  This is from the Baseline Trail at Pinnacle Mountain.  Summertime in the South means humidity and gnats aplenty but the scenery was beautiful.  The only thing that wrecked was when we came back down the trail, my previously messed-up ankle turned and sent a chain reaction that now encompasses my previously messed-up spine :(.  Oh well, the hike was worth it :).


  1. your cats eyes in that one picture crack me up!!

    Mike told me about your back today at church...I hope taking it easy (ie being a heathen and not coming to church) helps it feel better!!! :)

    and as far as the Goldman's curse...I am hoping that your saying something about it on my blog will send it in someone else's direction! ha!

  2. That cat picture cracks me up too!

    I don't think I'd want to be a sneeze whisperer. Sounds a little grody!

  3. :( Take care of yourself!!

    Loved Tuesday's cat picture! It looks like it's playing dead. Ha!

  4. I love the cat pics. I have one that just cracks me up with the way she sprawls every which way, just waiting for someone to catch her being interesting!

    Have a great week,

  5. that's one fat and happy cat!


  6. There have been times I would have paid good money to a sneeze whisperer! Your cat is hilarious. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Our cat takes up the strangest positions too.
    Weekend hikes--a great tradition!

  8. I could use a Sneeze Whisperer, but that guy looks downright creepy!