13 December 2010

Things Best Left Unseen

There are certain things that, when driving into work, are best left unseen.  They would be:

1.  The woman directly behind me putting on her makeup using the rearview mirror.  I had always heard of this legendary tale yet never seen it for myself, yet there she was behind me, straining up to her right to get that perfect rearview mirror angle so critical for the proper application of mascara.  And blush...can't forget the blush.  Never mind the two freeway on-ramps we're rapidly approaching at 70 miles an hour.  Oh no. Blending is much more important.

2.  Reading a book propped up on the steering wheel while driving.  Really?  Here's a clue:  Dumbledore dies.  The Fellowship wins.  Bella is still a completely passive, immature twit and Edward is a stalker sparklepire.  If you really can't wait to find out what happens, can you at least wait until the stoplight?

3.  Driving directly behind someone whose license plate reads "BLIND".  No.  Just...no.


  1. this gave me the laugh I needed this afternoon!!!! But seriously, someone was reading a BOOK while driving?!!

    Btw, love the new look!

  2. Yup. Reading a book. I tried not to goggle because then I would be contributing to the problem :P.

    And thank you! I've been messing with the template and HTML on and off all day. I think I have just a few more tweaks to do but I'm really happy with how it's coming so far.